Kevin Kludy

Landscape, Nature and Fine Art Photography and Location Portrait Photography

  My name is Kevin Kludy and I am a landscape and nature photographer from Oceana County, Michigan and mainly photograph landscapes, both grand and especially intimate landscape images.  I photograph with both full frame digital cameras and also film cameras, mainly medium and large format film cameras in both black and white and color.

  The biggest influences for me in photography are John Shaw, David Muench ,John Sexton, Art Wolfe, John and Barbara Gerlach, Eliot Porter, and Hans Strand for their inspiring nature photography. 

  My approach to editing is to use minimal post processing to do what is only necessary to improve my images such as minimal sharpening and contrast when needed.

  Some of my goals are to work more with film cameras such as medium and large format cameras to create images which are unique to the look of film..

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